Apple CEO Tim Cook Does Not Approve Of Indiana’s New Anti-Gay Law

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook becomes another well known personality who is joining other celebs as well as numerous activists who have come forward to oppose the new anti-gay which was recently introduced in Indiana.

On Thursday, a new anti-gay law was signed into law in Indiana by the Governor Pence, disappointing many people including George Takei, a gay activist, who has asked people to boycott Indiana.

The law which is also referred to as “Religious Freedom Bill” makes it legal for businesses to discriminate LGBT patrons as well as workers based on the proprietor’s religious belief.

Tim Cook who came out publicly as gay back in October said that he is very disappointed that the state of Indiana would take such an action. Cook has been for many years now an advocate for LGBT workers in work places.

Earlier on Friday, Arkansas senate also passed a similar bill something that the H.B. 1228 pointed out in their first tweet. Just like the bill in Indiana, the Arkansas bill will see to it that Business in the state have the ability to discriminate against LGBT community in workplaces based on their beliefs.

Human Rights Campaign are pointing out the fact that Apple had earlier expressed concerns with regards to many laws which are bound to discriminate members of the LGBT community.

“Earlier this year, Apple announced their concerns that H.B. 1228, and other discriminatory laws, would undermine existing civil rights law and deeply harm the business climate in states where they are passed.”

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