New Federal Law Change Still Barring Medical Marijuana Operations

Last month, Washington D.C. took away the government’s right to investigate, raid or prosecuted businesses that sell cannabis leaves if they are legal in that state. This was a huge victory for state residents who require the medical plant for their health. This was also a relief for legalized Marijuana sellers.

However, in Grand Rapids, MI, one of those sellers is still facing barriers. Adam Rumpf is a seller of medical marijuana. He was accused of failing to comply with the state’s medical marijuana law, despite the state legalizing his operations.

President Barack Obama signed the federal spending bill earlier in December; the bill ““blocks the Department of Justice from prosecuting medical marijuana patients that abide by state laws, now making this an illegal prosecution.”

When Rumpf was arrested, he filed a brief restating the President’s words in the dispute. Rumpf said that he believed, “a prosecution in this (manner) is unlawful under the Constitution of The United States. The defendant further points to the fact that even the President of the United States of America has said the people, such as the defendant, will be left alone by the government so long as they reside in a state that allows this behavior.”

Rumpf was not successful in his dispute. Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Courtade remarked, “Nothing in this legislation has in any way undermined the prosecution of the defendant in this case.”

Since the accusations, Adam could lose his business, be forced to pay fines, and worse, be put in prison for close to 20 years.

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