Harassing An Employee Or A Subordinate At The Workplace Is Sure To Invite Legal Punishment

An act meant to be disturbing or threatening to another person is included under the definition of the crime of harassment. This includes all behaviors meant to annoy or disturb the peaceful state of the victim. The act may be directed at emotionally disturbing someone or making him or her upset. The act is repeated time and again to enhance its effectiveness in causing mental or physical trauma.

The crime is usually perpetrated through the telephone. Electronic messages may also be used in harassing an individual. The intensity and level of the crime of harassment depends upon the medium used to perpetrate the crime.

Sexual harassment includes repeated and persistent approaches made in a sexually covert manner. This often occurs in the workplace, or in other situations where the perpetrator holds a position offering control over the victim. The perpetrator asks for favours with a sexual connotation, and the victim is not in a position to decline the requests.

Harassment is known to assume several forms. The most common forms  are
1.    electronic harassment
2.    landlord harassment
3.    mobile harassment
4.    online harassment
5.    police harassment
6.    power harassment
7.    racial harassment
8.    sexual harassment
9.    workplace harassment
10.     street harassment

Harassment is particularly unlawful when one is forced to bear with the perpetrator's insults to continue with an employment. It becomes unlawful when the victim finds the work environment intimidating or hostile.

Harassment at the workplace can be effectively dealt with by providing a working grievance redressal process. Managers and employees should be given anti-harassment training. The environment should be conductive to situations where employees can approach the person in-charge at any time.



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