How to divorce without a lawyer

Even when the termination of your marriage is not amicable, it is best for both to come to your senses and lay things down peacefully. Having lawyers involved might make things more expensive and bring you both losses in the end. There are legal ways of getting a divorce without involving an expensive set of lawyers. The primary condition is that you plan to dissolve the marriage in friendly terms and that there is agreement.

Agree on splitting assets

If you have common assets, try to agree on splitting them fairly, half, and half. If you cannot agree on this, then you will need to bring the guy with a briefcase in. So try to have a verbal agreement on this.

Apply for a pro se divorce

If you meet the requirements of a pro se divorce, you do not need an attorney. These requirements might include agreement on assets, custody of children, and alimony. There has to be no pension plans to distribute, no history of violence, no military service, or any martial assets.

Agree on child support

When coming to terms on child custody, try to be fair with each other. Always place the children’s interests above your own. If you cannot agree on these terms, then you will need to bring the children to court for them to decide or the court to decide what is best for them.

Gather all the required paperwork

Depending on the state you live in, you will usually need to file for a divorce in the state of your residence. Make sure you fill in and include all the required documents. You will need a divorce petition form, obtained from the court. It needs to be completed and filed with the court. Make sure all the information required is included. Take this form to the clerk’s office for revision and signature.

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