Legal Dispute Over B.B. King's Last Days Gets Uglier

The attorney of B.B. King’s daughter is firing back at Bluesman’s business manager as well as her entire legal team, claiming that Bluesman’s business manager is dragging King’s daughter, who are mourning, through the mud. The whole issue came to light following allegations that King, a well-known guitarist, was poisoned.

Patty King together with Karen Williams, King’s daughters, had stated previously in separate affidavits, that they do believe that LaVerne Toney, King’s manager, poisoned the legendary guitarist. Also involved in the whole issue is King’s personal assistant, this is according to the two daughters.

According to the two, King, before his death, was given an unknown substance by her manager and personal assistance and the two daughters believe that was administered to their dad was what killed him.    

“I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administered foreign substances,” said the two daughters in two identical statements adding that, “I believe my father was murdered.”

Earlier on Tuesday Brent Bryson, the estates lawyer, said that, “The allegations are baseless and unfounded and are unsupported in reality."

“Ms. Toney did everything she could to carry out the wishes of Mr. King while he was alive, and continues to carry out Mr. King's wishes after his death,” said Bryson.

According to the attorney of Patty King and Williams, “Karen and Patty have nothing to gain financially by getting [the] truth on how their father died. Nothing.” They went on to add that, “Mr. Bryson is unnecessarily dragging mourning daughters through the mud for no apparent reason.
“"Not one family member was allowed to see B.B. for a week prior to his death, not even his friends."


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