What is bot (Do Not Pay)?

Since its launch in March 2016, the Do Not Pay bot has challenged over 160,000 parking tickets. The bot, created by British teenager Joshua Browder, has proved successful and has gained a lot of media press. This popularity seemed to be a bit unexpected by the bot’s creator.

"I'm very surprised it has been so successful, but I am not surprised that so many people have pushed back against their parking tickets," Browder said.  He said he was inspired to program this bot as he himself had received a large amount of parking tickets.   

According to data collected, the new tool has allowed users save around £3 million in as little time as five months!  The bot also offers way to claim compensation for delayed flights, which has proved just as effective. 

This is a robot that provides legal advice to appeal parking tickets or get compensations at no charge. The program, which took the Stanford University student three months to develop, allows users to enter their data and find out if they are eligible for a complaint. Browder says that, since he got so many parking tickets, he found himself in court many times to appeal them. There he noticed that the forms among councils were very similar.

“I noticed that there was a formulaic way of writing the appeals, and using my coding skills, I thought that it would be great to help a few friends appeal their tickets automatically using a website,” he told BT.com.

The bot is actually a “chat bot”, meaning that the user has a conversation where the case is cracked.  “Once it knows the issue, it will ask a few questions and place all the information it requires into a legally sound document, which can be sent directly to the local councils, airlines or banks, depending on what type of appeal is being generated,” Browder said.

Over 152,000 people have used the bot and 47% of the appeals have been successful.

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