Hope Hicks admits to lying

Armed with his favorite comeback – “Fake News!” – Donald Trump hasn’t been shy about accusing his detractors of lying during his campaign and eventual presidency.


However, according to a report from the New York Times (later confirmed by CNN), at least one member of his own staff admitted during a closed-door testimony that she had lied on his behalf.


Hope Hicks, the former White House Communications Director, told members of the House Intelligence Committee that in her position she sometimes needed to tell “white lies” for Trump. That confession came during an eight-plus hour interview, the focus of which was Russia and their involvement with the 2016 U.S. presidential election – specifically contact with Trump’s campaign.


Given that the scope of the interview was specifically about Russian meddling during the campaign – and per instructions from the White House, Hicks declined to answer any questions about Trump’s presidency or his time as president-elect.


At least one member of the committee, Representative Adam B. Schiff of California (D), contends that Hicks’ refusal to answer questions should warrant a subpoena, a move used when chief strategist Steve Bannon also opted not to fully testify.


In the backlash from these revelations, Hicks has resigned from her position. She contends that none of those lies were relevant to the ongoing Russia investigation.


Hicks has been involved with the Trump family for years. She first started with Ivanka Trump’s personal brand but was poached by Donald Trump when he began assembling a team for his campaign.


With Hicks now gone, only one member of Trump’s original campaign team is left – White House Director of Social Media Dan Scavino Jr.


Despite her unceremonious departure from the White House, Hicks still seems to be held in high regard. Both President Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly voiced their support.

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