Florida’s New Concealed-Carry Law

Florida is one of only 5 US states and The District of Columbia, where citizens do not have the right to carry weapons openly. This has been the law for 20 years.


By current law, Florida citizens above legal age, retain their constitutional right to keep and bear firearms for hunting, sporting activities, defence of self, family, home, and business. No state permit is required to purchase and own a gun, rifle, or firearm.


If you are attacked in any place you are legally allowed to be, you have no obligation or “duty to retreat”. You may stand your ground and meet force with force in the defence of yourself or to prevent harm to others.


Recently, State Representative Matt Gaetz and his team drafted and proposed a Bill to house and committee members, to relax the laws and allow permit-holders to carry their firearms openly. Even with strong resistance from opponents of the Bill, the Bill cleared its first round with an 8-4 vote in favor of a new concealed-carry law within the state.


The law addresses only how to carry and makes no changes to the previously established laws about who and where weapons can be carried. It aims to better equip an individual who already possesses a weapon the right and ability to defend one’s self in dire circumstances.


The legislation also sets a few benchmarks against which police officers can make an arrest. If the bill passes, citizens can no longer be arrested under “reasonable grounds” if they are suspected of carrying weapons without a valid arms license. They will be able to do so only under probable cause.


The Bill also sets hefty civil fines for police officers who make arrests without probable cause to a sum of $5000. Municipalities could be sued $100,000 for negligence and failure to comply, should the Bill be successfully implemented.










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